There Is No Pain Like My Pain

John DeJong

READ : Job 2:1-7

Do you know the difference between major and minor surgery? Yours? It’s minor. Mine? It’s always major!

Satan predicts, “Strike Job’s own body with pain and he will curse you to your face.” Satan attacks Job’s body in an attempt to destroy his soul.

Most of us take our bodies for granted. We abuse, misuse and subject our bodies to destructive habits until pain, real pain, gets our attention. Pain can bring on depression and devastating loneliness. Questions we ignored until then suddenly dominate our thoughts: Am I going to die? When? How? Can I rush to a painless ending?

Do you wonder how you would respond to pain like Job’s? We can learn from Job. Lesson one: Express yourself emotionally. There may be a time for a stiff upper lip, but this is a time for tears, maybe even a temper tantrum! Lesson two: sitting in a pile of ashes, scraping at his sores with a broken piece of pottery Job demonstrates his thoughts. Acting out can be therapeutic! Lesson three, this is no time to abandon your faith or your trust in God. No! Reaffirm your faith, declare it, demonstrate it, increase it! God is your strength, your hope!


Dear Lord Jesus, You know our deepest pain. You’ve experienced its effects. We pray for all those whose life is like Job’s, unrelenting pain. Be near them, be near us, now and when our time of pain may come. Amen.