She Couldn't Take Any More

John DeJong

READ : Job 2:6-10

If Job is the hero then his wife is the heroine! Job wouldn’t have chosen as wife one who was entirely different than he. They prayed together for those seven boys and three girls. When the trouble began, it was their suffering. They lost their children. Her faith, like Job’s, remained strong. They could stand the loss of everything because they still had each other, whole and well, able to begin again with faith and a strong bond of love.

Then begins Job’s own suffering. Every day his wife’s heart broke as she looked at the one she loved so much. It is often harder to be beside the bed of pain than to be in it! Finally she can stand it no longer! Death seems a better option. Faith wavers, hope fades, a heart nearly breaks from the burden of love. Job’s response is not chastisement; it’s encouragement! “Sweetheart, God who blessed us in family and riches, is as close, even closer to us, in times of trouble.”

Forty-six years ago I underestimated my wife, her wisdom, insight, the importance and value of her support. Our love has become stronger, our faith enlarged, through troubles, failures, hard work, fears, confusion, together. A wife who stays alongside in times of struggle deserves the highest compliment, “She was, is, a wife like Job’s!”


Father, help us recognize the wisdom, the value, of Your command, “these two are to become one.” In Jesus’ name. Amen.