Job Replies

John DeJong

READ : Job 6:1-13

Job says of his body, “misery and grief touch every nerve, every inch of my skin and all body functions.” He cries out like a braying donkey from his hunger but nothing tastes good. It’s the pain talking! At the bedside of a friend, from his mouth, may come the words, “How I wish God would answer my prayer and do away with me!” What would you think and how would you respond at such a time?

From experience I have learned what, for me, are right responses. First, I try to be as sensitive as possible, to understand, and feel when he or she says, “My skin is crawling!” “I feel like I’m on fire!” “I just want to die!”

Secondly, I try to find what may take the pain away, even if a little. I may discover applying a lotion helps a little, a sip of ice water, a few verses of Scripture or just holding a hand. It may be a time to stay throughout the day or night, or whatever it takes, for as long as it takes!

Finally, I seek the direction of the Holy Spirit and the heart of the loved one concerning our prayer together. Always ask your friend how he or she would like you to pray. Often the Holy Spirit will put the appropriate thoughts in your mind and words on your lips in response.


Lord, teach us to be a friend like You; sensitive, caring, helpful. Amen.