True Friends? Hardly!

John DeJong

READ : Job 6:14-27

Job needs a friend. He fears he is in danger of losing his faith and his respect for God. His spirit of hope seems to be dying. He cries out, “What have I done wrong to you to make you feel the way you do?” “Why do you consider my words as worthless as wind?” “Why am I, the miserable me, the deeper me, invisible to you?” “Only one look and you run away scared.”

A few years ago a young actress transformed herself with makeup, old clothing and superb acting into an old, frail and poor woman. She then went into the streets of New York City to see how she would be treated. Like Job, she became the object of abuse and derision.

Watch your own attitudes and actions in a friend’s crisis. Are you sensitive to how your words, attitudes, actions, even body and facial language affect others, especially friends? False friends and friends without empathy will note the negative condition of their friend and begin asking of themselves and each other, “What did he/she do wrong?” True friends will not prejudge but will give unconditional supportive love, even if there is fault in the life of the friend. Meditate or discuss how you may have failed a friend lately. Make a vow today to become a true, understanding, caring, feeling friend.


Lord, we need to learn how to be a blessing, a good friend, a healing and encouraging friend. Amen.