No Holds Barred,Anything Goes

John DeJong

READ : Job 8:1-22

The speech of Bildad is typical of what happens when the atmosphere of our relationships becomes confrontational.

When our children were young, they were not allowed to use an impersonal he, she, or they. The person’s first name had to be used. Always and never were forbidden because these words were always an exaggeration, and never totally true. I am not sure that their attitudes were always changed, but at least they got the point that no one was a “thing.”

I’m sure many good times were shared between the families of Bildad and Job. A lot of laughs, shared tears, encouraging words. What happened to bring such a change in how they related?

In a flock of chickens there may be one that has a featherless raw spot, possibly the result of an injury. One chicken, then another will peck at the spot. Soon, the injured chicken will become the target of the whole flock. Death is often the end. Egg-laying chickens suddenly become cannibals.

Listen to the cruel pecks of Bildad. “How long will you talk and keep saying nothing? “God made your children pay for their sins!” “Start living right!” Unfortunately the Bildad spirit is found in the church. As someone has said, “Only Christians kill their wounded.” How about you, what about your church?


Holy Spirit of love, create in us a loving heart and make us become caring, compassionate friends. In Jesus’ name. Amen.