Job's Mixed Feelings About God Part I

John DeJong

READ : Job 9:14-21

Job’s words in these two chapters portray a man who is confused about God. One thing Job is not confused about is, GOD IS GOD! Some people seem to think that God’s existence is dependent on our opinion; it’s up to our vote. Not so for Job! Job knows and says “God is able to do whatever he wants.” He may complain bitterly about God’s treatment of him but God is always God to Job. How different with so many today! We say “My God would never do that.” “I refuse to believe in a God who would do that.”

The name of our boxer dog was Trouble. He wouldn’t harm the children no matter what they would do. Our neighbor had a small Manchester, hardly measuring up to Trouble’s ankle bone. He would chase our boxer until Trouble decided he had enough. He would stop, turn around and let out a giant “WOOF.” The Manchester would run, tail between its legs, yelping all the way home.

Someday the Lion of Judah will turn, give a world-shattering roar, and all the detractors and unbelievers will turn, tails between their legs, yelping all the way to hell! This will not happen to those who confess, “God is God!” “God is my God.” “Is He Sovereign God to you?


Sovereign King, help us remember we are human, with limited control of our lives, limited and temporary in an ability to change the events of the world and powerless before You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.