Hope Breaks Through

John DeJong

READ : Job 19:13-27

Earlier Job said, “Hope has disappeared!” He mockingly portrays his ignominious end. “Tell the world below to prepare me a bed. Then I would greet the grave as my father and say to the worms, ‘Hello mother and sisters!”

Are these also hopeless times? In Los Angeles a new gang has emerged, the 18th Street Gang. It has a presence in every precinct. And chapters are rapidly being established in small and large cities across the United States. Its membership has no racial, cultural or geographical constraints. It is feared by all other gangs including prison gangs. For many the answer is in the white militia, an equally ominous hate-based solution. A guerilla type civil war is imminent. There is no escape in suburb or rural sanctuary.

Can hope break through? Absolutely, but only if the church seizes the opportunity to recapture every neighborhood, community and city with the words and actions of hope and life given by a sovereign and loving God. At the crossroads we can see in two directions. In one we see our nation’s demise in class wars. In the other we see Christians and churches bringing the eternal and loving answer of our sovereign God into every neighborhood, community and city. Hope must break through!


Heavenly Father, Your eternal promise of the resurrection inspires our hope for today. Help us be messengers and providers of every kind of hope to all. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.