A Whisper of Hope Shout it Out

John DeJong

READ : Job 19:23-29

The book of Job raises difficult questions. How did Job receive the faith he holds to so resolutely and lived so unwaveringly? If Job knew God without the Bible, what about other peoples throughout the ages?

One relevant and contemporary lesson is that we must be very careful on our demands of “how” we insist God has to go about saving people. The book of Job teaches us God can speak to anyone, anywhere, in the manner he chooses, to bring that person into a right relationship with Himself.

Years ago I researched the scientific studies of mind over matter and mental telepathy. I discovered it has been scientifically proven that the odds in the roll of dice can be influenced by thought, and messages can be sent and received telepathically. The results were so insignificant that further research was abandoned.

Even though the book of Job shows he was “saved” by the voice of the Holy Spirit apart from the explicit, normative-for-us, written message of the Bible, it is dangerous to accept any other way when the best, clearest, and certain means is now available. That means is the Christian church’s message of salvation in Christ alone, by grace through faith as revealed in the Bible.


Holy Spirt, thank You for speaking to us personally, clearly and convincingly of Your saving love. In Jesus’ name. Amen.