The Problem of Injustice and the Answer

John DeJong

READ : Job 24:1-17

Today the protest against injustice is louder than ever, more pervasive, more persuasive. We see ourselves as victims. Victims of criminals, victims of police, victims of bosses, the government, the courts, the IRS. . . .

Job doesn’t see himself as the victim in these verses. His protest is against those who mistreat others, especially the poor, the orphans, the disenfranchised. His protest is against inhumanity, immorality, the dark deeds of men done under cover of darkness. If Job lived today, would he protest any less after centuries of so- called progress?

Job already knows the verdict in his own case: innocent! How could he be so confident? Because, though he didn’t hear the heavenly conversation, he knew the truth of God’s words to Satan. He knew he was a truly good man who respected God and refused to do evil.

Recently a pastor I respect greatly was going through tremendous personal, family and church trials. Amazingly, these experiences transformed his character and personality, making him a more loving, caring person. He could honestly and tenderly speak to some from whom he had experienced pain and say deeply, “I love you so much!”


God Almighty, injustice cannot hold us in bondage. Thank You for the freedom to love unconditionally in all circumstances because of Your forgiveness and love. In Jesus’ name. Amen.