Where Did He Come From?

John DeJong

READ : Job 32:10-20

The three friends turned accusers have been defeated in trying to convince Job to admit that he is guilty. Their final response is the same as the conclusion many of us reach about others, “They must just not be as good as they look.” Then comes Elihu the Buzite, busy buzzing about a man he didn’t know, leveling against him false charges born out of generalizations.

False charges are leveled at almost everyone. Many years ago the church I was serving had to counsel and bring church discipline in an adulterous relationship. Later a story was circulating in the community of how the person being disciplined walked into the barber shop where I was getting a haircut and dropped five stones into my lap. You know the implication, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” By the next evening I had calls from the elders! What a fascinating, ludicrous story! I later wondered how many people had passed it on as fact or at least thought there was some truth in it.

Be careful when you add your opinion to a debate about someone else or pass on the latest “true” story. This week you will have many opportunities to express your opinion or make a comment about another person. Resist the temptation!


God all powerful, help us search to see if we have the spirit of Elihu, telling lies, passing on what others say, always buzzing, often stinging. Confront, condemn, correct us. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.