God Answers with Questions Part I

John DeJong

READ : Job 38:1-10

For thirty-seven chapters, Job struggles to find answers, answers for pain, suffering and spiritual confusion. Unrelentingly he has addressed his questions to God. He has received only false accusations from his “friends,” no words from God.

Finally God responds with questions! Four dozen questions in four chapters! Some insult Job like the questions of his friends. To others, Job can only answer, “I don’t know.” The first time I read the questions God poses I was disappointed, almost angry. I waited for at least an answer spoken in sympathy, an answer that would help me understand.

I realized later that being able to say to God, “You alone are God. I know You love me and will make everything work out right no matter what my present circumstances might be,” is the answer that satisfies.

Sadly, few are asking Job’s questions or are interested in God’s answer. Good health, wealth, recreation, a busy life, worldly success and other things may divert us for a lifetime, but at the end, what?

The really important question is, “How about you?” When, if ever, did you spend a month, a week, a day, an hour in really deep thought about life’s issues and your relationship to the sovereign Lord? Take time today; listen to God.


Father, in our search for answers we miss the right questions. Help us see everything from an eternal perspective. Amen.