John DeJong

READ : Job 42:7-9

God does not need apologists, human opinions, man’s endorsement or vote. He knows who He is! What God seems almost obsessed with is our knowing Him rightly and experiencing Him fully. God’s anger is kindled against Job’s friends because they portrayed Him inaccurately and incompletely. They knew much about God but without a relationship with Him.

This passage describes the vindication of Job. In a certain way it is also a vindication of God, the person Job knew and remained faithful to through it all. John 8:32 declares, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Truth is not a concept, a set of rules, not even a certain kind of lifestyle. The truth is a person. Throughout his discourses Job never loses sight of his experience with a person, with God.

A very close and treasured friend told us how she had acquired her position in her company through affirmative action. However, her full sense of self worth came when she was able to look at her work profile, discovering she really was the best, affirmative action or not.

An affirmation, especially from God, is the greatest vindication possible. Job receives this from the Lord and each of us is given the same affirmation by the love and sacrifice of our Lord.


Father, help us seek Your approval above that of any one else. Help us be affirming persons. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.