The Postlude, The Prelude

John DeJong

READ : Job 42:13

I have learned so much by spending time with Job. I hope these meditations have in some way brought you into an encounter with this man of God and with the God of Job. Books both have and could be written on the record of this exceptional man and his experiences. In single verses, solitary words, there are subtle, profound underlying truths waiting to be discovered and believed.

This last meditation is from my own observation and opinion. The conclusions I’ve come to are the sweetest blessing to me, possibly to you.

Everything doubled, except the sons and daughters. Again I ask, “Why only ten instead of twenty?” Since in ancient traditions the number of children was the greatest blessing of all you would expect God to double this blessing as well. We are left in a quandary. Nothing in the text helps us understand “Why only ten?” As Job thought about this, could he have realized that this was a dramatic revelation of the resurrection. For a man who loved children so much the vision of their being together throughout eternity would have brought unbridled joy.

Are you looking at life from this eternal perspective? What a blessing to know that the loss of a little child, a friend or relative is not forever.


Father, we thank You that the clear word of the New Testament is the certain promise of eternal life for all believers. In Jesus’ name. Amen.