The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Kenneth Kuiper

READ : Revelation 1:1-3

The book of Revelation is “scary” to many Christians, so we tend to leave it alone unread. That’s a shame, for although it’s true that there are many difficult things in Revelation, it is also true as John says in verse 3 that there is real blessing in reading and taking to heart the words of this book. As we read Revelation this month, we will try to focus on the many beautiful insights found there rather than those details which are difficult to grasp.

Already in these first verses we have a number of such insights. First, John tells us that Revelation is just that: “revelation.” It is God revealing truths we would not know on our own. That alone makes reading this book exciting. The “curtain” will be pulled back for us and we will view things from God’s perspective! Second, John says this revelation was given that we might learn about what “must soon take place,” not simply what will happen. This assures us that all of history somehow fits into God’s plan. Finally, we are told that “the time is near.” How exciting! And how exciting to know the time is even nearer now than it was when John first wrote these words!

May we be blessed as we read and reflect on this exciting book of Scripture this month.


Lord Jesus, help us to see some of the beautiful truths You have revealed to us in the book of Revelation this month, and we will praise Your holy name. Amen.