Greetings from John

Kenneth Kuiper

READ : Revelation 1:4-8

Revelation was written to Christians living in the Roman Empire during the first century a.d., probably during the reign of the Emperor Domitian (a.d. 90- 95). Those Christians much like ourselves really lived in “two worlds.” They were certainly followers of Jesus Christ, but they lived in an earthly society where many other things clamored for their loyalties. The tension which their commitment to Jesus produced often caused them to be misunderstood, persecuted, even put to death. What they needed much like ourselves was the assurance that it isn’t foolish to put Jesus first; indeed, that putting Jesus first is the only wise thing to do.

Already in these early verses we see that assurance stressed very strongly. Notice what John tells them (and us) about this Jesus whom they (and we) follow. He is “faithful,” living (“the firstborn from the dead”) and supremely powerful (“the ruler of the kings of the earth”)! And this “ruler of the kings of the earth” is the One who “loves us” and has “freed us from our sins”! Surely this loving, powerful Lord is worthy of our undivided loyalty!

One more thing: He is coming! We may not see Him now, as we can other things and people which clamor for our allegiance. But we will! It’s wise to pledge ourselves unreservedly to Him.


O Lord, help us to be committed to You above all else, and to believe that doing so is not only right, but wise. Amen.