Seven Stars and Seven Lampshades

Kenneth Kuiper

READ : Revelation 1:9-20

On the island of Patmos, where John was in exile for his Christian witness, he was given a vision. In the vision he saw someone “like a son of man.” The “someone” was Jesus, of course. Every detail of His appearance re-inforces His power and majesty, and the overall effect is awe-producing. John, who had spent three years with Jesus while He was on earth, was so overwhelmed by His majesty that he fell down at Christ’s feet! Surely, our response to the ascended Lord must be marked by reverent fear as well!

Two details are singled out. Jesus holds seven stars and He is standing among seven lampstands. We are told what these symbols mean. The lampstands are the churches to which this letter was sent (and which represent the church in every age). Jesus stands among the churches, protecting and evaluating them. He speaks to them and they (and we) had better listen.

The seven stars represent the “angels” or “messengers” of the churches. These messengers (pastors) are “in His right hand,” a place of protection but also accountability. After all, messengers have no authority or message of their own. They must always remember who has sent them, whose Word they are to speak, and to whom they will give an account. May all who serve as Christ’s messengers remember whose hand they are in and tremble!


Dear Lord, we stand in awe of You and we wait to hear what You have to say to Your church. In Your name. Amen.