The One Thing

Kenneth Kuiper

READ : Revelation 2:1-7

How can a church have so much “going for it,” yet hear Jesus say that unless something changes He will remove its “lampstand” (not consider it His church)? Here’s how: by leaving out the one thing absolutely indispensable to being the church of Christ!

The church in Ephesus had so many strengths. It was doctrinally solid. It could detect heresy and had the courage to uproot it. Its members held each other accountable. It was hard-working. It had a “full program” classes for all ages, fellowship events, active committees. It had even “endured hardships,” probably both internal conflicts and external persecutions, for the name of Christ.

But something was lacking, and that was a personal relationship with the Head of the church, Jesus Christ! The church was no longer “in love” with its Savior and Lord, and because of that its real heart and soul was gone! For, without a living relationship with Jesus, all you really have is tradition and legalism.

Jesus calls His church to “remember” remember what it really means to be the church of Christ, those who have found joyful new life in Jesus and who have come together to love, worship, and serve the One “whom to know is life eternal.” May we remember too, and make sure that this “one thing” is not the one thing missing from our churches or our own lives!


Lord Jesus, help us make our relationship with You central to all we are and do as Your people. Amen.