Repent, Therefore!

Kenneth Kuiper

READ : Revelation 2:12-17

Jesus, the King of the church, constantly “walks among the lampstands” evaluating His church. He praised the believers in Pergamum. Living in the midst of a society so dominated by idol- worship that Jesus referred to it as “where Satan has his throne,” this church had held fast to its confession that Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord even when persecution had come! What an example for us! We too live in a society filled with idol-worship. The idols are not the same as in Pergamum, of course. We tend to worship ourselves our intellect, our technology, our “right to choose,” our “toys,” our satisfaction. How the church today needs to confess unashamedly in the midst of our self-worshiping society that Jesus Christ alone is to be worshiped!

Jesus also had a concern, however. There were some in Pergamum who, in spite of their confession, were living much like the world around them, engaging in sexual immorality and thinking it was “ok.” Jesus has a word for them: “Repent”! “Stop compromising with the world! You cannot confess Me as Savior and Lord and live like the idol- worshiping world! You must live as My disciples!”

May we hear Jesus’ rebuke! May we be sure our “walk” matches our “talk” as followers of Christ. Jesus takes our lives seriously. May we do so as well.


Lord Jesus, help us to live pure lives in an impure world as we follow You. Amen.