An Open Door

Kenneth Kuiper

READ : Revelation 3:7-13

Surely, what every true church of Jesus Christ indeed, every believer wants is an “open door,” the opportunity to be greatly used by the Lord to bring spiritual blessing (especially the blessing of salvation) to others. Jesus Himself must provide such “open doors,” since He is the One who “opens and shuts.” Jesus was opening just such a door of opportunity for the church in Philadelphia!

What an encouragement for us! You see, this was not a large church with lots of resources. Jesus knew it had “little strength.” That wasn’t why He was opening this door for them. We don’t need to be large or have lots of resources either. What we need is exactly what the believers in Philadelphia had.

First, Jesus said: “You have kept My word.” They took His Word seriously. They didn’t play games with it or quietly put it on the shelf. They prioritized it, making it the center of what they believed and did as a church. Second, Jesus says: “You . . . have not denied My name.” They were consciously, intentionally, a church of Jesus Christ where He was believed, preached, worshiped, and obeyed.

If we do these same things, both as churches and individual believers, we can expect the Lord to open doors of fruitful ministry for us as well. For He is pleased to use those who are truly faithful to Him.


Lord Jesus, please open doors of opportunity for us as we seek to be faithful to You. Amen.