Silence in Heaven

Kenneth Kuiper

READ : Revelation 8:1-13

When the Lamb (Jesus) opens the seventh and final seal of the scroll, it results in the blowing of seven trumpets. The first four trumpets sound in this chapter, producing judgments affecting all of creation the earth, the seas, the rivers and streams, and the sun, moon, and stars.

These judgments, which we see as “natural disasters” occur throughout the whole New Testament age, but they increase in number and severity as we draw nearer to the return of the King. They are warnings to sinful humanity to embrace the living God in repentance and faith. Unfortunately, most people ignore these “trumpets” and continue in sin, leading to an outpouring of God’s wrath upon them when the Lamb returns. Still, these warnings in creation are part of God’s plan for the coming of His kingdom.

Before the “trumpets” are sounded, however, there is “silence in heaven for about half an hour.” An awed hush fills the throne-room of God as the prayers of all the saints are offered up to Him!

Don’t miss this! These prayers are so valued that all of heaven falls silent as they are offered. And don’t miss this, either! The blowing of the trumpets which must happen before Jesus can return is in response to the prayers of the saints! Our prayers for the coming of the King are not somehow “lost in space.” They help to bring His coming to pass!


Maranatha! Come quickly, Lord Jesus! Amen.