A Woman and a Dragon

Kenneth Kuiper

READ : Revelation 12:1-17

Ever since Eden, a powerful drama hidden from the view of most people has been unfolding. This drama is vividly presented in this chapter. Let’s identify the main characters. The woman is the church, the people of God. The dragon is Satan, the devil. The male Child is Jesus, the Christ.

In the Old Testament period, the dragon sought to prevent the coming of the male Child. He knew that Child was the “seed of the woman” who would “crush his head” (Gen 3:15), so he tried to prevent His birth. When He was born, the dragon tried to kill Him as a baby (remember Herod and the boys of Bethlehem)! But he failed. Christ was born, paid for sin at Calvary, and ascended to heaven in victory. Defeated, the dragon and cohorts were cast out of heaven forever!

The dragon is furious! Not only because he failed to destroy the male Child, nor because he was cast out of heaven, but because he knows his time is short! He turns his fury toward the church and makes war against her. This explains persecutions from without and destructive heresies and divisions from within the church. The dragon is seeking to destroy us!

We need not fear! The dragon may harm us, but he can never destroy us! He’s defeated and knows it! His time is running out. The hour- glass is emptying fast; it makes him frantic! For soon the male Child will return and the dragon’s head will be crushed!


Protect us from the dragon, O Lord! For Jesus’ sake. Amen.