Our God Reigns

Kenneth Kuiper

READ : Revelation 14:1-13

I admit it yesterday’s devotional was depressing. I didn’t try to make it so, it just was. Chapter 13 was depressing all about the coming of the “beast,” how he would control the world and make war against believers. Refusing to worship him or receive his “mark,” they will be shut out from the life of society unable to buy or sell, perhaps even martyred!

It is depressing! And it could cause the reader to think that the beast (and the dragon, Satan, who is the power behind the beast) triumphs over God and His people, and followers of Jesus are to be pitied. But that would be wrong! For here we see the truth in spite of how things might look our God reigns!

The Lamb has been standing on Mt. Zion the whole time, not threatened in the least by the beast! He will destroy the beast and Babylon, his kingdom! Those who don’t wear the beast’s mark may have to suffer for a time while the beast “reigns”; they may even have to die. But they need not be pitied. Those who wear the beast’s mark are to be pitied, for they will suffer forever as they experience the wrath of God!

The bottom line? “Fear God and give Him [not the beast] glory … worship Him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and the springs of water” (v. 7). Remain faithful to the Lord; be willing to die for Him if need be! For our God not the beast reigns!


Lord, give us both eyes of faith to see that You reign, regardless of how things might look, and grace to be faithful. Amen.