Satan's Last Hurrah

Kenneth Kuiper

READ : Revelation 20:1-15

Believers differ over how to interpret this chapter. I believe the 1,000 years mentioned here is not a literal 1,000 years, but symbolizes the whole New Testament age. At Calvary, Jesus triumphed over Satan. He rose as King, with all authority in heaven and earth and reigns from heaven with His people.

Satan, meanwhile, is “bound.” He lost his authority over the nations, and is unable to keep them in spiritual blindness. Gospel light penetrates the dark. At the end of this age, however, he will be “loosed” to deceive the nations and gather them for the climactic battle of Armageddon. It will be Satan’s “last hurrah.” Defeated by the Lamb, he will be cast into the “lake of fire,” to be “tormented forever and ever.”

This is followed by the destruction of this world and the final judgment. Jesus will be seated on the throne. All who ever lived will appear before Him. The “books will be opened” and His judgment will be just.

Praise God, another “book” will be opened as well, the “book of life”! It contains the names of all those who belong to the Lamb, those who have trusted Him for salvation. They will receive mercy, for their every sin has been covered by the blood of the Lamb!

Is your name in that book? Trust in Jesus and you need not fear the judgment! You will hear “Forgiven!” and “Enter into My kingdom”!


I thank You, Lord, that my name is in the “book of life,” for I do trust in the Lamb for my salvation. In His precious Name. Amen.