The New Jerusalem

Kenneth Kuiper

READ : Revelation 21:9-27
Revelation 22:1-6

Streets of gold, walls of jasper, gates of pearl a literal city named “New Jerusalem”? No a picture of the church, the bride of the Lamb, in glory.

In Revelation, there are two “cities” Babylon and Jerusalem. Babylon represents the world; Jerusalem the church. Babylon peaks under the antichrist; Jerusalem comes into glory with the new kingdom.

Much about the glorified church is seen here. It’s huge pictured as a cube 1,500 miles long, high, and wide! A multitude from every tribe, nation, time, and tongue are included. It’s secure, so secure that although huge walls surround it the gates remain open! It’s built on a solid foundation the apostles. It’s not just a New Testament church, however, for the names of the tribes of Israel adorn its gates. And it’s filled with God’s glory! No temple, sun, moon or lamp will be needed! The church itself will radiate with the light of God! The “tree of life” will be there picturing Paradise regained, the “curse” removed, fellowship with God fully restored!

This is the church-perfect, complete, pure, holy! No, not the church as we know it now. Now it is imperfect, filled with weakness. Yet even now we catch glimpses of this future glory, don’t we? And we know that only those who are a part of the “bride of Christ” now will be a part of her then! “Babylon” or “Jerusalem” to which city do you belong?


Lord, help us remember we are citizens of Jerusalem. Amen.