Come, Lord Jesus!

Kenneth Kuiper

READ : Revelation 22:7 – 21

We’ve come to the end of Revelation. The “seals” have all been opened, Satan completely defeated, the great judgment concluded, and the glorious new kingdom of the Lamb has come. These verses are simply a conclusion” an “epilogue” to the story.

One thought dominates this “epilogue” one truth that we are to remember above all, and which sums up the message of the whole book: Jesus is coming! Three times in these few verses, Jesus Himself says so! As we’ve read Revelation these past weeks, some details of the vision may have escaped us, but this message is too clear to miss: the Lamb will come!

“I am coming soon!” Jesus says. Since it has been 2,000 years and Jesus still hasn’t arrived, we might disagree. But, having read the whole book and seeing all that must take place before Jesus can return, surely He is coming “soon” as soon as possible!

Let’s be ready. Verse 14 says that to be part of His kingdom we must “wash our robes.” One does that by coming in repentance and faith to Jesus. Have you done so? Jesus invites us to come to Him in this passage do not pass His invitation by!

John’s response to this vision? “Amen, Come, Lord Jesus!” Surely, this is our response as well, isn’t it? How we long for the coming of our King! Until that glorious day, “The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen.”


Amen! Come, Lord Jesus . . . come quickly! Amen!