Boot Camp

Steven VanderMolen

READ : 2 Timothy 2:1-7

Joshua was a leader and so are you! When you became a Christian, you were given many leadership responsibilities. You may not be a pastor, deacon chairperson, or Sunday school teacher, but you have leadership responsibilities in God’s kingdom. In order to be leaders, we must first undergo training. Adequate preparation is absolutely necessary if we are to be successful. Our congregation, our witness and the people we care about are depending on us.

Joshua serves as a worthy example. I am confident that a study of his life will help you no matter what responsibilities you hold. It will help you to be a better spouse, parent, businessman, minister, or leader.

Joshua’s basic training took many years. Joshua was born in Egypt as a child of Israelite slaves and traveled with Moses and the Israelites out of Egypt into the wilderness. Moses became his mentor and role model. Joshua spent years with his tribe and family and apparently learned well and soon became Moses’ right hand man. What is unique about Joshua in his early years is his open heart, his willingness to be taught and his spirit of humility. Are you patiently learning through a time of training? Instead of instant recognition or instant prominence, we must first go through the appropriate years of training.


O God, give me patience as I learn how to fulfill the responsibilities You have given me. Give me a submissive heart and a teachable spirit. In Jesus’ name. Amen.