Josua's Mountaintop Experience

Steven VanderMolen

READ : Exodus 24:9-18

When Israel arrived in the wilderness of Sinai and camped in front of that great mountain, all the people could hear God’s voice reverberating from that sacred place. Responding to God’s order, Moses took Joshua with him not allowing the other leaders in Israel to join them.

It’s doubtful that Joshua experienced the same degree of God’s glory as Moses, but he did enjoy greater access to the Lord’s presence than other leaders. He alone was allowed to continue up the mountain with Moses. Joshua was so overwhelmed with Moses’ relationship with God that at times he would not leave Moses’ side (see Ex. 33:11).

What happened here demonstrates the unique position Joshua held as Moses’ second-in-command. It also reveals the unique relationship he had with God. These experiences were divinely designed by God to prepare Joshua for his future leadership role.

Only God knows our future, and in His providential timing, He reveals His sovereign plan gradually through the experiences of life. Knowing this to be true, how observant are we? God is certainly using our experiences, circumstances and opportunities to shape and mold us. Are we comprehending it?


Loving Father, work out Your plans in my life. When I go through trials, teach me patience as You fashion me into the image of Jesus. Reveal to me what I must learn through the situation I am in right now. In Jesus’ name. Amen.