A Positive Report

Steven VanderMolen

READ : Numbers 14:1-9

Joshua’s opportunity to demonstrate his commitment and leadership came when Moses appointed him, along with eleven other men, to enter Canaan in order to spy out the land. When they returned from their mission, only Joshua and Caleb were positive about entering Canaan. The others were frightened by what they had seen great cities and giant warriors. They instilled this fear in all of Israel, and the whole nation rose up in rebellion against Moses and his brother Aaron.

At this point, Joshua demonstrated incredible faith. He, along with Caleb, dared to confront an angry mob of Israelites with a wonderfully positive statement of faith. As is often the case, when there are two opposing points of view (one challenging God’s people to go forward in faith; one scaring God’s people to stay put), people become afraid. Sadly, the children of Israel didn’t listen to Joshua and Caleb, but instead became angry and tried to stone them. God intervened, however, and destined Israel to wander the wilderness for forty years.

What about you? Are you more apt to stay in your comfort zone rather than make a leap of faith? Joshua learned a valuable lesson about the natural tendency of people to play it safe. Don’t be afraid of taking a divinely directed risk.


Jesus, keep my eyes focused on You and give me courage to step out in faith even in the face of stiff opposition. Amen.