Conditions for Success

Steven VanderMolen

READ : Joshua 1:6-9

God did more than assure Joshua of His presence and power; He also spelled out very specifically and clearly the conditions for success. God made it very clear to Joshua that if he consistently obeyed God’s commands, he would be successful and prosperous.

First, Joshua had to make sure that he knew and understood the law that God had already given to Moses. To comprehend God’s Word takes effort and determination. We must review it regularly and consistently meditating on it “day and night.”

Second, Joshua had to practice the law of God in his personal and public life and not deviate from it at all. Personal integrity is involved here: how could he lead Israel to obey God without doing it himself? We cannot expect others to do what we ourselves do not. Parents, teachers and others who lead must practice what they preach.

Third, Joshua had to communicate God’s Word to Israel. This Word should not “depart from your mouth.” Today people are quite tolerant of Christians as long as they practice their faith in their church and it doesn’t affect the remainder of life. But watch what happens when a Christian talks about God’s Word in another setting: people feel that it’s inappropriate. If you’re tempted to silence, remember what God said to Joshua and communicate His Word!


O God, give us grace to understand, practice, and communicate Your Word. In Jesus’ name. Amen.