A Memorial Remembrance

Steven VanderMolen

READ : Joshua 4:1-9

How quickly we forget. This is particularly true when everything seems to be going our way. In times of success it is so easy to become proud and say, “We did this all by ourselves!”

God taught the Israelites many lessons on their journey from Egypt to Canaan, but none more important than the lesson surrounding the memorial stones. God rescued them from Pharaoh’s mighty army by helping them cross the Red Sea. Now, as they crossed the Jordan into the Promised Land, God was providing for their safe travel once again. But following Israel’s shouts of joy and triumph in arriving safely on the other side of the Jordan River, there must have been a gradual silence that crept over them. Everything seemed so normal again. Stones were erected as a memorial to remind them and their descendants that God is a God of great power and glory and it was He who had brought them over Jordan.

All of us need reminders of what God has done because these reminders strengthen our faith and draw us closer to God. What “memorial stones” are there in your life that demonstrate the faithfulness of God and your dependence upon Him for life? May they be a healthy remembrance to you and your children of God’s abundant grace.


Thank You, loving God, for Your faithful, guiding love. May we never forget Your great acts of love and mercy on our behalf. In Jesus’ name. Amen.