A True Leader

Steven VanderMolen

READ : Joshua 5:9-15

Joshua was a warrior and an able commander. He knew how important it was to size up the strength of the enemy which was why he was on a scouting mission. While walking near Jericho, he suddenly came upon a figure who turned out to be a divine commander. Once Joshua learned the identity of this “man…with a drawn sword,” he immediately bowed down before this messenger from God.

One of the great qualities that I admire about Joshua is that he knew how to take orders from his commander. This divine figure likely gave instructions for ordering the battle of Jericho, instructions which are carried out in the next chapter even though that is not explicitly said. What was Joshua’s response? Instead of trying to enlist God to fight his battles for him, he bowed in humble worship and followed His leading.

Are you facing an important decision, responsibility or conflict? Before you rush into action, take time to find “holy ground,” following the commander of the “army of the Lord.” We, too, must stand on holy ground and bow in reverence to worship our Commander and King. We will then receive the instructions we need for success.


Heavenly Leader, what message do you have for us today? Reveal Yourself to us and tell us what we must do to win the battle. In Jesus’ name. Amen.