Conquest's First Obstacle: Jericho

Steven VanderMolen

READ : Joshua 6:1-5

Before the country could be divided, a wedge had to be driven from the Jordan River valley to the mountains. The first obstacle was Jericho. It could not be bypassed; to bypass Jericho would mean leaving a large military post at one’s rear. But conquering Jericho would not be easy! Its walls were high, its position advantageous. If Joshua had sought military advice, he might have built a ramp to go over the wall or simply starved them into submission. Our story shows that Joshua adopted none of these counsels; in fact, he did not even seek them.

From a human point of view, the strategy outlined in verses 2-5 was useless. High walls do not fall to the noise of trampling feet. Cities are not won by trumpet blasts. Obviously, Joshua was in touch with the true Strategist and Commander, whom he met at the end of chapter 5. Joshua not only bowed to Him in worship, he also obeyed His commands!

Worship and obedience often live in separate worlds. The book of James teaches that faith without works is a dead faith. The activity of worship should bring transformation. Our worship should lead us to a life of obedience. Joshua did this, and so must we. When God reveals His will to us, we must follow.


It is our desire to follow You, O God. When You instruct us, give us wisdom to trust You and courage to obey. In the name of Jesus. Amen