A Time to Shout

Steven VanderMolen

READ : Joshua 6:15-25

There is a battle going on and we are in it. If you are a Christian, you are a soldier in God’s army and you are engaged in a war where many enemy strongholds need to be conquered. We see them everywhere. There are fortresses of evil in our land, in the church, and in ourselves.

These fortresses are surrounded by high walls. The gates are sealed. They are manned by strong and experienced defenders. What are we to do against such ancient outposts of God’s enemy and ours? First, we must remember that we fight from victory, not just for victory. A Christian soldier stands in a position of guaranteed victory because Jesus Christ has already defeated every spiritual enemy. Jesus defeated Satan not only in the wilderness, but also during His earthly ministry, on the cross, and in His resurrection and ascension. The children of Israel could trust God for the victory because God told them they would be victors.

We can be confident, as we fight our battle for Jesus Christ in our day, because God has already won the victory and promised it to us. It’s now up to us to follow Him obediently, to be prepared for battle, and claim the victory because He will give it to us.


Lord, we often feel helpless and afraid. Give us faith in You and help us to risk ourselves in obedience to You and then be confident of Your victory. Amen.