God's Judgement

Steven VanderMolen

READ : Joshua 7:15, 19-26

The Bible teaches that one day the secret sins of life are going to be brought to light at the final judgment. But it does not always take that long for sin to be exposed. It only took a few minutes in the case of Achan. At God’s command, lots were drawn in which one out of the twelve tribes was selected, then one clan out of the numerous clans of that tribe, followed by one out of the families of that clan, and finally, by one person out of the various people in that family. The chosen person was Achan.

After Joshua confronted Achan, Achan confessed. Verses 22 and 23 are some of the most chilling words of this entire account. These stolen objects were displayed before the people, but the most frightening part of the story is that they were spread out before the Lord. They were spread out before the eyes of the Holy God as all sin will be one day.

What frightens most people about God’s judgment is punishment, but what of God’s activity of full disclosure? All those secrets we keep so well hidden from our friends and family will be revealed before God, so why hide them? Open your life to God now, put an end to pretension, and ask Him to forgive and restore you. That’s the purpose of warning us of His impending judgment.


It takes too much effort to cover it up, O God. I confess before You my sin and disobedience. Forgive me and restore me as Your child. In Jesus’ name. Amen.