Back to Basics

Steven VanderMolen

READ : Joshua 8:30-35

If you’ve been involved in team sports, you know that a good coach always takes you back to the basics. No matter how good a team is, it’s important always to review the fundamentals. Practicing these basics makes the difference between winning and losing. So it is with our spiritual lives. Our Scripture today shows Joshua taking the people of Israel back to basics in terms of God’s laws.

As soon as the victory of Ai was complete, Joshua built an altar to the Lord. This altar reminded Israel of God’s promise to be with them, and the reading of the law pointed them to their obligations to be faithful to Him. The Israelites paused in their march against the cities of Canaan to nurture their personal relationship with God and to review His will for their lives.

As with Israel, we must take time on a consistent basis to maintain and regain perspective on God’s will for our lives. We do this by reviewing the teachings of Scripture and by consistently nurturing our personal relationship with God through worship and communion. This involves participation with a group of Christians as well as personal Bible study, meditation and prayer. We must be careful never to forget the basics of our walk with God. We need His presence and His direction.


Loving Father, forgive us for seeking advanced stages of Your will, while forgetting to practice the basics of our walk with You. Draw near to us and remind us of Your will. In Jesus’ name. Amen.