The Longest Day

Steven VanderMolen

READ : Joshua 10:1-15

God does miracles! It’s difficult to understand, especially in an age of scientific investigation, but the truth is clearly taught in Scripture. There are two miracles in this text: a raging hailstorm which struck the panicked Canaanites and God’s answer to Joshua’s prayer to extend the daylight.

Did the sun really stand still? Well, not exactly. Ancient people didn’t know that instead of the sun standing still that the earth’s rotation slowed and then stopped for a while. Whether the sun stood still or the earth stopped its rotation, the miracle is still a miracle. There is not a problem in accepting a miracle of this magnitude when you believe that God is all-powerful. God can as easily stop the sun and moon or earth as do anything. Nothing is too great for God. When He decides that something should happen, it does.

Are you faced with an overwhelming situation beyond your ability to change? God is faithful to His people, and He will be faithful to you. He is not weak! When convinced that God’s promises are true, don’t be surprised when He demonstrates His care through a special intervention. Follow Joshua’s example and ask God for His help, but then continue your best efforts. God promises to be faithful, but He also expects our best efforts on His behalf.


All-powerful God, work out Your plan through us. We are weak, but You are strong. Encourage our best efforts with Your divine intervention, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.