Behind the Scenes

Steven VanderMolen

READ : Joshua 14:6-15

It is a difficult thing for many of us to be faithful when we’re not in a prominent position. Somehow we function better when others know how well we are doing. But the true test of our commitment to Jesus Christ is how well we function when we have to operate “behind the scenes,” making it possible for others to be in the spotlight. Caleb is our example.

The secret to Caleb’s greatness was his total faith in God and his utter submission to God’s leading. Great men and women are never really complicated. The complicated people are the weak ones, beset by dozens of conflicting causes and motives, never knowing quite how to get it all together. People of greatness are not naive, knowing that some issues are complicated and that there are often different paths that can be taken, but they see the important cause and the best path and then follow it consistently.

Athanasius was such a person. He perceived the importance of the deity of Christ and so fought for that understanding through a lifetime of theological controversy. Martin Luther was such a person. He seized upon the doctrine of justification by faith and stood for it faithfully, even at the risk of his life. Caleb kept his eyes on God, not on the vacillating or terrifying things around him. Caleb was a man of focus he followed God “wholeheartedly” (v. 9).


O God, help us to trust You and focus our energies on obeying Your commands. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.