Passing the Torch

Steven VanderMolen

READ : Joshua 23:1-5

There is something poignant and stirring about the last words of great leaders, particularly if they are giving a charge to their successors. In the last verses of Genesis, Joseph gathers his brothers around him and gives them final instructions. Moses’ farewell is recorded in the last chapters of Deuteronomy. Joshua’s farewell is much the same.

Significantly Joshua reminded the leaders about how God had dealt so faithfully with them in the past. It’s not natural to do so. We often separate ourselves from God’s actions and forget them because we fail to rehearse them in our minds. Busy lives concentrate on the present and the immediate future, ignoring what God has done in the past.

I love to watch home videos and page through old family photograph albums. It reminds me of the time when our children were infants and toddlers. Life was so busy then, and it still is. Without the visual reminder of our past, I tend to forget. The same is true in my relationship with God. Whenever I get so busy that I don’t look back and trace His faithfulness, I lose perspective and become vulnerable to discouragement. Remember the faithfulness of God and trace His guiding hand in your life today.


Faithful God, we confess that we quickly forget the victories You have won for us. Remind us of Your faithfulness every day. Through Jesus Christ. Amen.