Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve

Steven VanderMolen

READ : Joshua 24:14-15

Joshua ended his formal address with what has become known as one of the most powerful and courageous testimonies and witness in all of Scripture. The tense he used implied more than a once-for-all choosing: it was what grammarians call “continuous action.” It’s as if Joshua said, “I have chosen to serve the Lord; I am choosing that same path of service now; and I will go on choosing to serve God until the very end.” There could be no neutrality. Israel had to make a decision to serve the Lord, and that decision had consequences. Even though God chose the Israelites, yet they themselves had to respond by an active decision to choose God. That decision would mean they would forfeit the worship of anything else and they would have to obey God alone.

How do we respond to God’s call? God asks for total obedience doing what God says in every respect and with our total being our minds, our hearts, our souls. Whether we feel like it or not, whether it is convenient or not, whether it fits into our plans or not, God wants total commitment. Remember that serving God is more than feelings: it involves commitment to Him no matter what our emotional response. It involves obedience to Him no matter what our personal desires. It means obeying what He says even though it may hurt.


O God, “as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Help me in this commitment, through Jesus Christ. Amen.