We Will Serve the Lord

Steven VanderMolen

READ : Joshua 24:16-31

The Lord, not Joshua, is the key Person in this book. As we have studied the Book of Joshua, we have discovered wonderful truths about God. He is a faithful God even when His people forsake Him. He keeps His promises: He had promised that He would give the Israelites their land, and He kept His promise. He had promised that He would drive out the nations of Canaan before them, and He kept that promise, too. At the close of his life, Joshua was able to say to his people that not one thing had failed of all the good things that the Lord had spoken concerning them. He never fails! God, who had promised to be with Joshua and give him courage, kept His promise.

We also learn that God is gracious. In view of such violence in the conquest of Canaan, it may seem strange to think about God’s grace. He graciously delayed His judgment before bringing Israel to the land. He was gracious to send reports about Israel into the land so that the people could fear and, like Rahab, turn to the Lord. He graciously wiped out the vicious, oppressive religion of the Canaanites.

He is still the God of faithfulness who keeps all of His promises. He is merciful and gracious. And He still calls us to be a sanctified people who will trust and obey Him.


Loving and faithful God, give us the courage to follow You obediently and serve You faithfully. Through Jesus our Lord. Amen.