Studying Work

Diane Bloem

READ : Ecclesiastes 2:10-11, 17-26

Today the USA celebrates Labor Day. The original intent of this holiday was to cause people to appreciate work and workers; to consider and debate justice in the workplace. These days not many people think about work on this holiday. In fact they try to forget the cares of the workplace and enjoy one last fling of summertime fun.

Solomon did his share of working and playing and one day he sat down to study the matter. He looked at the fun and material things he was able to enjoy as rewards for his labor and asked himself, “Have these really made me happy?” The answer was “no” and he became so depressed he hated life (v. 17). When he looked at his work in the context of time and eternity, he realized the importance of studying his work objectives. His conclusion was that all work is meaningless if God is left out of it. One cannot find satisfaction or enjoyment without the blessing of God.

Whom are you working for? Does your work stress you out and interfere with your sleep (vv. 22-23)? God intends that work be satisfying. When He created the world, He felt good about each day’s work. At the end of the week, He took a day off. Labor Day holidays appropriately include time to rest and thank God for work.


Lord, teach us to be workers who please You. Thank You for work. Amen.