Teach Me Your Ways

Diane Bloem

READ : Exodus 33:12-20

For many years our daughter looked forward to being a teacher, having her own class of children to love and lead. However, the summer before that career became a reality, she began having one bad dream over and over. Always it was the first week of school and she was not prepared. Things went wrong; she didn’t communicate well; the children didn’t learn; they didn’t behave well; she felt totally inadequate. It was a bad dream.

Moses had similar feelings of inadequacy when he was faced with leading a difficult, rebellious people. When he was first called (Ex. 3-4), the Lord boosted his confidence by sending his brother Aaron to assist him. Now, while Moses was with God on the mountain, Aaron had failed to lead the people away from their sinful desire to have a visible god, a golden calf.

No human was dependable as a co-leader, so Moses went directly to God and asked for teaching. He asked to know God and experience His favor. “The Lord replied, ‘My Presence will go with you, And I will give you rest.’”

If God has given you a responsibility to teach, or lead, or serve, go directly to Him and ask for His support and teaching. His Presence will strengthen you as you look to Him.


Lord, teach us Your ways so we may know You and be able to serve You. Amen.