The Yoke

Diane Bloem

READ : Matthew 11:25-30

My grandmother cherished a very old picture of a Dutch milkmaid with a wooden yoke on her shoulders. Instead of milk, the buckets suspended from the ends of the yoke contained flowers. Though the picture reminded her of the hard work she had done as a young girl carrying heavy milk pails, it evoked a sense of nostalgia for her childhood.

Jesus invites us to take His yoke upon us and learn from Him. One doesn’t wear a yoke for fun or to look good. A yoke is worn to get a job done. Jesus invites us to do His work. He will teach us how by giving us His own example. He is gentle and humble in heart so loving and humble, in fact, that He set aside His position of heavenly authority and came to earth to work and die to pay for our sins.

He came to teach us to serve as He served. We are to be gentle and humble as we work: bringing visible and audible messages of God’s love to the poor, the grieving, the suffering, the lonely, the discouraged, the rejected, the sinners in need of His saving grace. When we serve in this way, the yoke we wear will not feel heavy, but easy and light as though we are carrying lovely flowers.


Dear Jesus, may our service for You today be as beautiful as flowers, bringing joy to heavy hearts. Keep us from growing weary in well-doing. Amen.