Animal Teachers

Diane Bloem

READ : Job 12:1-12

We went to the zoo the other day and saw flamingos, lions, prairie dogs, bears, camels, otters, iguanas, monkeys, fish, wolves, snakes, bats, sloths, zebras, and many other fascinating creatures.

A class of young future zoologists was capturing and weighing each bird, charting its health and growth. What a great way to learn math and science and what fascinating subjects to read and write about!

Job tells us that animals, birds, and fish can teach us about God. What can we learn from them? One lesson is that the hand of God brought all these creatures to life and the hand of God controls the course of their lives even allowing some to be captured and put in zoos for us to study.

Even more, we learn about the great variety God has created in color, size, shape, habitat, diet, defense abilities, and unique roles in a balanced ecology. What great fun God must have had creating them. His imagination is limitless.

If God appreciates and even creates differences, why do we prefer everyone to be as we are? Why are students unkind or unaccepting of those who are new or unlike themselves? Perhaps God must teach us to appreciate differences.


Dear heavenly Father, help us to accept and appreciate those who are not like us. May we all serve You and praise You. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.