Divided Duties

Diane Bloem

READ : 1 Chronicles 25:6-8

The college band was on tour. In order for the trip and concerts to go smoothly, students were made responsible for certain tasks. Some set up chairs and stands, some loaded and unloaded instruments, some looked after the music, some arranged for housing and meals. Each task was important just as each musician’s playing was important. In addition, individuals had to practice and the full band had to rehearse. The band director was in charge of it all.

There was a similar division of labor among the vocal and instrumental musicians who served in the temple at Jerusalem. These trained, skilled musicians, teachers and students, young and old, were divided into family units with assigned responsibilities. This was part of their ministry at the house of God.

In order to make harmonious living music, we must each accept responsibility for sometimes tedious work. We may have to sacrifice blocks of time to study or to serve or to work through difficulties. Faithfulness to details, accountability and dependability in all parts of life are components of our gift of praise to God. Whatever work we are assigned to do, whatever part we play, let us see it as an appointment to serve God and bring Him glory.


Dear Father, help us to perform our assigned duties skillfully and faithfully, recognizing each small task as part of our gift of worship to You. Amen.