Values Teaching

Diane Bloem

READ : Proverbs 6:20-29

“You may not see that movie.” “But Mom! Everyone else may. If I don’t I won’t know what the other kids are talking about. I’ll be left out. They’ll say I’m a nerd. I won’t have any friends. Why can’t I see it?”

“That movie is so violent yet the newspaper reports that viewers laugh at the violence and cheer the actors on. Exposure to this sort of thing dulls your senses. You become desensitized to pain and evil. We should never be entertained by evil. Another thing: the hero in that movie takes any woman he wants and uses her sexually. I don’t want you to have such a selfish, cruel view of sex.”

Young people who don’t receive informed, loving parental guidance in the choice of entertainment may have trouble sorting out right from wrong when they make choices as adults. Wrong choices lead to regrets and misery, sometimes to jail time or unhappy marriages. Parents have a responsibility to teach Christian values to their children. Love teaches, disciplines and protects the immature child. Then when that child is an independent adult, he or she will be strong when there is a temptation to commit adultery, steal, do drugs, or ignore someone’s need. Especially today we see the need for parents to be strong teachers to guide their children.


Lord, strengthen our resolve to teach our children and young people Your way of life. Amen.