The Child Teacher

Diane Bloem

READ : Matthew 18:1-5

I went for a walk with our 18-month-old grandson. Every square of sidewalk held things that interested him. He first noticed sticks. He picked up and examined each one, noticing its texture, length and thickness. He wanted to taste them, but Grammy said no. His chubby hands could hold no more when he saw a super wonderful stick. It was long, with a thin end. He carefully laid the others down and wielded this stick like a whip. He felt powerful. Then the decisions: which ones to keep. He chose a few and we continued our walk. About that time he discovered stones….

This child taught me a lot that day as he learned. I stopped to consider the significance of small things. I recaptured my sense of wonder. I appreciated his learning as he made choices and considered his own strengths and limitations.

Jesus taught His disciples a powerful lesson by bringing a child to their attention. He taught us to be as humble and trusting as little children. He said, “Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me” (Matt. 18:5). Many little children are being welcomed into classrooms this month. Jesus tells us to learn from them. They can be our teachers in life’s classroom.


Dear Lord, open our eyes to Your wonders and make us as eager to learn as little children. Amen.