Profitable Careers

Diane Bloem

READ : Titus 3:3-15

“I wanted a career as an artist,” a young woman told me, “but I knew I’d be hungry, so I also studied to become a nurse.” In her daily work she practices the nursing arts, and in her spare time she paints beautiful pictures.

God expects His people to work in all aspects of their lives. He expects them to be productive. He set the example as the greatest Artist when He created the universe and its contents. He also practiced healing arts when He saved us from our sins in His work on the cross. “By his wounds we are healed” (Isa. 53:5). God has set an example.

Education should prepare students for work that will provide for daily necessities, and also, like God, enrich daily life through music, art, and literature. According to our verses for today, this is to be part of our devotion to doing good.

Are you a productive Christian? Do you bring praise to God by telling others of salvation in Jesus and by honoring Him as the Giver of beauty? Are you generous, kind, patient, encouraging, helpful? Do you support justice for the poor and disabled? Are you loving and faithful in family relationships? Do you appreciate and care for God’s creation? God is pleased by lives devoted to doing what is good.


Dear Lord, guide all who are searching for employment that they may devote themselves to doing good. May our lives produce praise to Your name. Amen.