The Textbook

Diane Bloem

READ : 2 Timothy 3:10-16

Home schooling was a necessity for pioneers who crossed the plains to find homes in the west. Sometimes the only textbook they had was the family Bible. Congressmen from western territories who were educated by only Bible study were later able to hold their own against their more formally educated colleagues because of the sufficiency of their textbook, God’s Word.

When choosing textbooks today, one must look carefully to determine if the material has been slanted to support a certain philosophy. Paul tells Timothy that he can continue in what he has learned because he knows his teachers and his textbook. Their motive was to nurture his faith in Christ Jesus and make him wise for salvation and equipped for life.

Study of the Bible is essential in preparing young people to face life, to teach them self-control, proper social behaviors, appreciation for art and literature, and concern for others. It fosters interest in studying and maintaining God’s creation. But most of all, it leads them to salvation and equips them to live lives that please God.

“Home schooling” based on the Bible is necessary for everyone. The privilege of Bible study in school should be cherished. And young and old benefit from the weekly study of God’s Word in worship services.


Father in heaven, we thank You for the availability of Your Word and the freedom to study it. Amen.