Object Lessons

Diane Bloem

READ : Ezekiel 4:1-17

Little boys like to play war games. During the Desert Storm War, manufacturers quickly changed the camouflage pattern on war toys to a pale beige and soon sold out. Children lay on floors reenacting scenes from television newscasts. That’s not so strange. But the scene in Ezekiel 4 is very strange. Imagine a grown man constructing a mini battleground: city, army camps, siege works, and heavy weapons. Further imagine this man lying first on one side, then the other, for 430 days next to this miniature battlefield. That made the news! That is just what God intended. Judah refused to listen to God’s warning of impending punishment for their sin so God got their attention through an object lesson. Sometimes students or even worshipers seem inattentive. A powerful object lesson will catch their attention. This teaching device is effective if it’s not overused.

Many years ago a pastor’s teenage son was killed in a tragic car accident. He and his wife were devastated. But when hundreds of grieving teenagers came to the funeral home, he became energized as a prophet. He said, “God is using our son’s death to remind young people that we all face death and we cannot face it victoriously without Christ.” Sometimes God gets our attention through trials ours or others. Then we ask, “What are You teaching us, Lord?”


Lord, keep us focused on You. Amen.